Windows XP from a Mac Perspective
Subject:   Tech vs the rest
Date:   2002-02-13 13:51:28
From:   kamend
First I will definately agree that XP is a major improvement over all other MSWindows products, other than the whole invasion of privacy thingy. But, as a techie, I have to agree with your tech staff guy. The number one response I have to a user that wants to use a different operating system, application, game, WHATEVER, is, "hey no problemo, as long as YOU support it, and, that it doesnt break the network or other applications". The response I usually get is. "what do you mean support?". Well TO ALL OF THE WORLD that means, if YOU have a problem YOU fix it. And if whatever you run breaks the network or causes damage to any applications or anything else, find another email system to talk to your cousin in New Mexico with; 'cause you wont have a physical connection to the network anymore. That usually holds the requests down to a low roar. We as techies understand the need for faster, better, cheaper, yadda yadda yadda. Heck most of our time is spent, looking for them at your request. But WHO'S GONNA SUPPORT IT?. We cant know everything. And ya know, most stuff dont run so well together, ie..MS, Unix, Linux, Mac, OS2, Novell. You get them to work well together and we might have a little less probelms. But, then again you have your CPA's, Front desk clerks, and mailroom guys writing little MSAccess, Postgresql, Mysql, Clipper (ouch), Foxpro,,,, DB's that could just about keep us underwater forever, when THEY break and WE have to fix them. Am I getting anywhere here?