What .NET Got Right
Subject:   ClientSide of Java is almost dead?
Date:   2002-02-14 06:13:57
From:   mpetschke
Response to: .NET will take a Bigger Bite

I really have my doubts.
E.g. many server applications have applets in webpages as administrative consoles. This works much better as a frontend than a purely HTML forms based GUI with many roundtrips. ASP.NET does not offer this with its webforms.
Furthermore the webforms do not solve -as supposed- the problem with the presentation layer. Some of the controls present themselfes nice on IE but with non IE-browsers they look rather odd. (Maybe this changes as .NET goes ahead)

Even more java applications (AWT/Swing) are being used as cross platform GUIs (E.g SAP, Oracle9i, ....).
Does it give real more value to the customer to reimplement these GUIs with WindowForms?


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  1. Atleast there are issues of concern......
    2002-02-14 06:44:42  kjambu [View]

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