Using the Mozilla SOAP API
Subject:   problem with SOAP API when using input parameters
Date:   2005-05-18 05:13:53
From:   kiril
I am writing a FireFox extension which is supposed to be a version of the "Who wants to be a millionaire?" game which fits in a toolbar in the browser. Implementations of the web service already exist in JAX-RPC and C#. There are also working clients for the service. When I use a SOAPCall, though, as in the tutorial, only the parameterless calls work without a problem. When I call a method which requires any parameters, I get a SOAP Fault telling me there is something wrong with my SOAP message. The fault says something like:
a) deserialization error. Unexpected XML reader state. end expected , <paramName> found (JAXRPC implementation)
b) server was unable to process request. object referenece not set to an instance of an object. (C# implementation)

There is a chance that the problem is in the namespaces my service is using, but when I tried to manually set namespaces in front of the parameter names, the encode method of my SOAPCall object just cuts them off.

So, I really did everything like it is in the tutorial. Is there a known issue there, maybe a bug in connection with the namespaces or something? Any help or hints would be appreciated...

Kiril Dichev