Windows XP from a Mac Perspective
Subject:   Bosses copy of XP
Date:   2002-02-14 15:50:21
From:   nfiniti9
Response to: Bosses copy of XP

No that guys doesnt know what hes talkin about. The site license is only if you are on a domain logging into a Windows Network on a Server based OS. I didn't see any metion of this in your article so I assumed no. However if you are on a domain (which you wouldnt be if you had a real domain server, because the sys admn keeps all the permissions so the ITs would know ;) ) you must pay a liscense fee for every machine that logs into a domain of a Windows Network and a liscense fee for each copy of the OS on each machine and the server.

BTW the crash you had prob wasn't XP's fault, bad sectors are usually caused from heat issued with HD's. And I noticed it was an IBM who has the worst history lately with HD's heat and bad sectors, but is known to make some of the best laptops. And your friend couldn't haved used XP much if he had changed his opinion after only one install. I'm on my 200-300th and still it impresses me on how easy to install and use it is. I actually think I do something wrong now if the install fails for any reason. ;)


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