Tiger's Powerful Migration Assistant
Subject:   A troubleshooting note
Date:   2005-05-18 11:14:49
From:   F.J.
Hi all!

The following is a little note, based on some comments that were kindly forwarded to us by an O'Reilly reader. This person, after installing Tiger on a new machine, ran into issues with Migration Assistant when attempting to transfer an account whose name was identical to the name of a freshly created account on the new computer. Various attempts to work around the issue resulted in a Migration Assistant crash that prevented him from transferring data.

The easiest way to avoid confusion while migrating accounts is to ensure that you do not migrate an account with a name similar to the name of an existing account on your new machine.

Should you experience issues during the transfer, such as crashes, repeat the maintenance steps on both Macs. Indeed, Mac OS X and even command-line tools can sometimes "freak out" when they encounter a damaged file and not know how to proceed — which, by the way, can be the symptom of heavy directory damage and should raise red flags.

The Console logs, as discussed in the article, should provide you with information about what went wrong, how and why.

Thank you all for your great mails and feedback! Your trust and enthusiasm are the greatest gifts of all! :^)