Creating a Windows DLL with Visual Basic
Subject:   Using external resource files with VB exes
Date:   2005-05-19 06:11:32
From:   JohnDrinkall
Fantastic article. I was looking for a way to utilise the unused version information within VBs project settings (so we could have 4 used digits with our exe version numbers rather than 3 used and 1 blank)

After compiling the resource .rc file to get a .res, and intercepting the linker as per your article, I noticed that the commandline argument to the linker needed to specify the resource file before some of the object files (other wise it complained that it already had a resource entry and ignored the new .res file)

I also had to move CVTRES.EXE from the vc98\bin directory into the vb directory to allow it to compile the exe with additional resource file in there. Once again thanks!


John Drinkall

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  1. Using external resource files with VB exes
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