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  Best Outlook Add-Ins and Helpers
Subject:   Reminder Forwarding is my favorite Outlook add-in
Date:   2005-05-20 15:38:47
From:   LanceBennet
Reminder Forwarding is the most useful Outlook add-in that I have used. It is the only tool to send outlook reminders to your cell phone or email address when you miss them.

The link for this tool is http://www.reminderforwarding.com .

There are other tools that send every reminder to your email or phone, but I find that very annoying. I don't want to get messages on my phone when I can see the reminder on my screen. I only want to be alerted when I am not at my computer. This does it right.

This is the best outlook add-in that I have found and it has my vote!

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  1. Reminder Forwarding is my favorite Outlook add-in
    2005-08-31 14:27:18  RonMCSE [View]

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