Will You See Open Source J2EE Implementations? Not Likely.
Subject:   Ask to Sun
Date:   2002-02-15 11:50:50
From:   ppesci
I love open source and want to contribute as many others i think, but open source is not the best choice in every case.

Microsoft tryed to kill java using a windows dependent extensions that become in incompatible implementation versions. If Java was open source, this tactic was good, but Java is not an open source and Sun has lawers. The rest is history...

At last, not all is perfect but has been good enough because you wrote this article and I'm writing this comment. Java is alive, don't agree?

Can you do a really BIG favor to us?

Ask to Sun if:

1) Open source don't be certificate because is open source.

2) Open source don't be certificate because certification is a paid process.

If (1) is true, that is bad news for all of us, Sun included.

But if (1) is false, (2) is true, and then O'reilly can lead a movement to collect the funds for in example, JBoss certification, and if O'reilly does, me and many others will contribute i think.

We don't want to waste my investment in O'reilly Java books :).

Can O'reilly be in the solution side of this problem?