Weblog:   Folksonomise your files with Automator
Subject:   This is not Folksonomy
Date:   2005-05-24 05:43:58
From:   robfay
I believe you are erroneously using the term "folksonomy." Tagging as one method of classification in itself does not equate to folksonomy. Instead, the "folk" in folksonomy refers to the socially collaborative component to tagging. Items one tags or classifies on a computer using Automator are not collaboratively tagged - only the user of the particular user account on that particular machine classifies his/her documents.

Nevertheless, I just installed 10.4.1 this past weekend and have not looked into Automator. I like the potential of this tool because I think that the average consumer is not interested in classifying information. Once the average consumer saves a file he/she has created, he/she does not want to have to do the work of classifying it for easier retrieval. The user just wants to save it and then be able to retrieve it.

Hopefully the automator can do some of the "heavy lifting" of performing these classification and indexing work processes.