Windows XP from a Mac Perspective
Subject:   NTFS
Date:   2002-02-17 11:25:26
From:   agtalpha
Yeah, it's been done and said, but do not run FAT32 unless you need write access to the partition from another OS. Most operating systems include NTFS read-only drivers (Linux, BeOS), but they don't support NTFS5's advanced features. And one thing I think nobody really mentions is that NTFS5 supports extended attributes. There's no interface for it, but it's there in the FS. You can add attributes for, say, each item there's an ID3 tag in your MP3s, and search for all MP3s in a certain genre, or after a certain year, etc. Very powerful if used properly.

Microsoft built this functionality in to the system, but is leaving it up to third-party developers to bring the functionality to fruition. There was an MSDN article on it way back, I just can't seem to find it. But, it's just one more reason to move from FAT32 to NTFS.

-- Rob