Windows XP from a Mac Perspective
Subject:   Sheesh...
Date:   2002-02-17 16:38:22
From:   simx
Response to: Is it time?


Mac OS X is a great OS, and does not need to be developed on the x86 architecture. Motorola's 1 GHz chip got rated with higher marks in all 5 standard benchmark areas for processors, which just goes to show that Motorola can still make great chips. The G4 and the Velocity engine still have a big advantage over other processors– the argument that x86 processors are better is just false. Plus, Classic applications would most likely not be able to run on the x86 architecture.

But that's not the point. Mac OS X is still the best operating system by a long shot. If you want to continue using a mediocre operating system just because you don't want to "switch processors", then do so. I guess you'll just be missing out, but it's your own fault.