Review: Olympus DS-2 Stereo Voice Recorder
Subject:   Line-In Recording via the Mic Jack
Date:   2005-05-26 20:47:01
From:   DavidBattino
A reader asked if it were possible to plug a line-level or headphone output into the DS-2’s 1/8-inch microphone jack without overloading it. He wanted to use the DS-2’s timer feature to record radio broadcasts. (He ruled out something like the Griffin Radio Shark because he didn’t want his computer to be on all the time, sucking up power.)

I just tried running the output of my Korg PXR4 recorder into the DS-2’s mic jack. The PXR4’s output level is slider-controlled; at low settings, the DS-2 recorded it without distortion. The DS-2’s onscreen meters helped set the level, and its headphone output let me monitor in real time as I recorded.

I did notice that the resulting recording was dynamically compressed and a tad thinner-sounding. There were also occasional subtle chirps or ringing sounds. And when the PXR was not playing, the DS-2 input generated a lot of hiss. Presumably it automatically boosts its input level when the signal is too quiet.

So for recording radio for casual listening, the DS-2 should be fine. David Battino