Windows XP from a Mac Perspective
Subject:   IT Departments -- Yes, but ...
Date:   2002-02-18 09:42:38
From:   derrick
Response to: IT Departments

All of your points are well-taken. And believe me, I heard from my IT department after I published this article :)

But you've made my point in your posting: all users are not the same. Those of us who are in R&D, editorial, and other cutting edge corners of the business, need to be able to do our jobs. And we have to work with our respective IT departments to help them understand our needs and to develop policies that accommodate the higher good of the company.

After this article came out, I had a very productive meeting with our own IT group, and I think we left the table with a renewed spirit of cooperation. This has to happen.

Because I know for a fact that you, or anyone else in the O'Reilly audience, doesn't want to read an article about the latest, greatest feature in Windows 98.