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Subject:   windows don't fly ?
Date:   2002-02-18 23:47:22
From:   psheldon
I commented out some of the lines of "the clever math", the two doing origin resetting, and the windows didn't fly.
I believe I recognize what is happening with and without comments, quite different from what Mike said.

With the two lines the origin expanded about was upper left, for a os 9.x look and feel,


with the two lines commented out, the origin expanded about was lower left, for a Next Step window look and feel.

That's what I thought I saw, but, in the context of that apparent observation, I don't understand the two lines of code and need help to understand .

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  1. preliminary comments on 2 origin lines
    2002-02-19 22:50:55  psheldon [View]

    • no Carolyn Rose with her global and local
      2002-02-20 09:18:43  psheldon [View]

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