Weblog:   Tips for Installing iPhoto 5
Subject:   HORRIBLE iPhoto 5 problem!
Date:   2005-05-28 03:11:11
From:   stevebowbrick
Upgrade to 5.02 went well on my 450Mhz Cube but then my precious 2 year-old daughter switched off the external firewire drive on which the iPhoto library lives and... Well, you can probably guess. This is weird, though. My library is intact. All photos, thumbs etc. are present on the hard drive and iPhoto obviously sees them but every single photo (there are over 16,000 of them) is a white blank with a grey outline. Cropping, rotation, even keywords, are all retained. Just no images. I've rebuilt the library using all options (took 18 hours on my sad, old Cube!) but the problem persists! What can I do?

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    2005-08-22 12:26:58  turtledave [View]

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      • HORRIBLE iPhoto 5 problem!
        2005-12-28 11:54:34  4nick [View]

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