Rexx: Power Through Simplicity
Subject:   REXX in OS/2
Date:   2005-05-28 14:27:17
From:   Mark_Henigan
It is interesting that there are no mentions of REXX programming under OS/2 (now OS/2, OS/2 Warp, and eCS [eComStation]). Since OS/2 version 1.3 (circa 1990) a REXX interpreter and ample documentation have been included with the OS. There are more OS/2-relevant links in cyber-space than all non-OS/2 REXX sites taken together. Despite this, no OS/2-relevant links are listed.

People have been declaring OS/2 dead for years. It's still very much alive.

Despite the omission, I appreciate this article for bringing awareness of the ease of use and power of REXX to a wider audience.