Setting up a Secure Subversion Server
Subject:   CRAM-MD5
Date:   2005-05-29 07:36:41
From:   Tankko
I need to put my subversion repository on a FreeBSD server, but a Windows XP client needs to access it (over the internet).

If CRAM-MD5 is not on FreeBSD, how can I do this securely? I can not use SSH, because I'm running the client in Windows. Don't suggest cygwin, I can't have that installed (long story).

So, how do I get the CRAM-MD5 stuff to work on FreeBSD? Or is there another way to set up the subversion server?

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  1. CRAM-MD5
    2005-06-24 08:54:20  IDunno [View]

  2. Dru Lavigne photo CRAM-MD5
    2005-05-29 08:00:29  Dru Lavigne | O'Reilly Author [View]

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