Panther Internet Sharing
Subject:   Https and e-mail
Date:   2005-05-30 15:20:32
From:   Hanz

Hello and thank you for that great article!

I just configured my old g4, so that it now sits between 'the web' (ethernet based office) and the newest mac member, a g4 powerbook.

Surfing now is an activity again! The old 450Mhz, despite it's charme, made me roll my eyes, bite my nails and change my diet to coffeine based products mostly.

Though there is a problem, and it only leaves me guessing, as I have no or only very little knowledge of firewall configuration: Neither am I able to open https based sites nore does the mail assistent recognize my mail accounts.

Any ideas on what need to be done to be able to have these 'basics' on the firewired book?