Rexx: Power Through Simplicity
Subject:   My first language
Date:   2005-05-30 23:21:39
From:   JimVanM
With no prior programming experience, I once had to learn REXX on the OS/2 platform, due to a huge project I was involved with that required us to do extensive scripting on Nortel's Norstar Voice Mail platform.

Since everyone said what we needed to do was impossible (including Nortel), and I could not figure out how to find a REXX programmer, the task fell to me to figure it out.

With Mike Cowlishaw's book in hand, I fell in love with REXX in a matter of hours, and over the next few years lovingly crafted tens of thousands of lines of REXX code.

Today, the only two centrally-managed Norstar installations in the world (both networks over 1000 nodes, serving 20,000 users) are capable of feats that Nortel has yet to match in their bleeding-edge products.

All thanks to REXX!

Jim Van Meggelen