Defragmenting Your Pagefile
Subject:   defragmenting my pagefile
Date:   2005-05-31 12:13:16
I noticed that my defrag barely dedfragged. I tried to coax it by removing programs, defragging in safemode, using command line, /f
everything. I was concerned, because when I got the PC, the previous owner got locked out, her password did not work, so she installed XP HOME
over XP, and a previous NT. I have gone through deleting what seemed to be from previous files in C: only had a couple of programs, mainly spyware-related, Zone Alarm, and Kaspersky Anti-virus, and still only had 50% on C: available, not to mention I wanted to scan any files on the pagefile as well. I figured out how to eliminate the pagefile on my own, rebooted, then ran clean system, anti-virus etc; and found and deleted the culprits. defragged again, and this time there was a dramatic improvement in my disk.
without the page file I am at 69% and with it 61%
the problem is this. Even without the page file,
a green block of immovable data appears, MFT files? then when I reenable the pagefile, set to
system designates, 2 green blocks appear. And the setup is contiguous files, blue, white space, green ( pagefile) white smaller block of green MFT? then a small block of contiguous files at the end. I also cleaned all the free space with Window Washer x32 on the bleach several times on the free space in between defrags, and it did seem to do some good. Now I need to know how to get rid of MFT if necessary, so that it comes back up as originally, with the green page or swap file, and at the beginning as opposed to at the end?