Creating a Windows DLL with Visual Basic
Subject:   Showing forms within API DLL
Date:   2005-05-31 23:10:17
From:   ijwelch
Does anyone know how to show a form/use a class from within the windows dll created above?

Any attempt to dim (and use) a private class or form from within the dll generate a windows error.

add a form 'Form1' to the dll project

add this code to the dll module
Public Function ShowForm1() As Long
Dim f as New Form1
ShowForm1 = 1
End Function

add new line to DEF file
ShowForm1 @5

and compile dll

Any call to ShowForm1 method crashes vb/exe

If I add a public method to the empty class and call that method first then displaying form does not fail (but by then it's a com dll anyway and requires registering and adding to vb references).

Seems that 'something' is not being initialized in the windows dll to allow 'objects'.

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