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Subject:   How about a REAL QuickTime article?
Date:   2002-02-19 22:06:39
From:   xylix
I was quite disappointed in this article. I had high hopes when I read the first sentence:

"A number of readers have been asking for a column describing how to use Cocoa and QuickTime together"

but then he quickly goes on to say that he will show how to incorporate QuickTime media. I don't know about all of the other people who want to know "how to use Cocoa and QuickTime together" but this is NOT the point for me. In fact I would say this acticle has little to do with QuickTime if he is not using the API, it is simply a small app to play a .mov .mpg or .mp3 file. This needn't involve media created with QuickTime.

Please, please, please O'Reilly get someone to do the REAL article on how to use QuickTime in Cocoa -- ie some examples of using the QuickTime API. I just came across this site while trying to incorporate QuickTime into a Cocoa-Java app and the Apple documentation is not great - I can't even find the full API documentation for Java QuickTime.

Also, as a poster commented a month ago the link for the complete project doesn't work. Perhaps if either the author or O'Reilly people read this forum this can be corrected?

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  1. How about a REAL QuickTime article?
    2002-02-21 04:28:42  hellokopter [View]

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