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Subject:   preliminary comments on 2 origin lines
Date:   2002-02-19 22:50:55
From:   psheldon
Response to: windows don't fly ?

The first line reflects a shift from local next step coordinates to global coordinates on the screen, while the second shifts back to local coordinates referenced to the top edge of the new window size so it expands about that new origin. Mike, thanks for the confidence you gave me in my observation that the mathematically clever code was choosing what corner to hold fixed on the window. I got my first bit of confidence to try to thrash out the commenting of the two lines of origin code.
What I just wrote isn't clear to me, I sort of know it is true and I bet Carolyn Rose of Inside Mac fame could write it a whole lot better. Or maybe some of you guys reading this could take the pass and run with the ball and write it better.
We're here to help each other, right?

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  1. no Carolyn Rose with her global and local
    2002-02-20 09:18:43  psheldon [View]

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