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  Configuring Database Access in Eclipse 3.0 with SQLExplorer
Subject:   Use Free TOAD
Date:   2005-06-01 18:21:47
From:   j2eecop
Thanks for writing the article for us. It allowed me to set up this plug-in within no time. That's great.

I compared the performance of SQLExplorer plug-in within Eclipse with "Free TOAD" client (for simple SELECT sql queries).

My SQLExplorer plug-in uses Oracle OCI driver, and so does the "Free TOAD".

But, consistently, Eclipse needed 1079 msecs (or so) whereas Free TOAD needed only 1/10th of that time (say, 100 msec).

Wouldn't I prefer "Free TOAD" to this SQLExplorer plug-in? Plus, "Free TOAD" looks nicer with more features available.

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1 to 3 of 3