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  Creating a Windows DLL with Visual Basic
Subject:   Strange ...
Date:   2005-06-02 08:37:41
From:   Jeffi80
Hi guys

Can someone please tell me is it possible to to call function from this kind of dll from Delphi or VC project ?

I tried to make plugin for program calld ProgDVB and the program crash all the time when it trys to load my plugin.

This is what I get in error report :
AppName: progdvb.exe AppVer: ModName: msvbvm60.dll
ModVer: Offset: 0010667e

I tryed it with Delphi and it work just fine with this code :
procedure On_Send_Dll_ID_Name(var MyName:array of char );cdecl;

And here is my VB6 code which is causing me hard time :
Public Function On_Send_Dll_ID_Name(MyName() As Variant)
MyName(0) = "F"
MyName(1) = "0"
End Function

Can someone please tell me am I doing something wrong/stupid here ?

Anyway, this sample of yours works really great with VB and it is really usefull.

Thanks in advance.