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Subject:   How about a REAL QuickTime article?
Date:   2002-02-21 04:28:42
From:   hellokopter
Response to: How about a REAL QuickTime article?

I agree, this wasn't of much help at all. How about walking us through how to open up a port to a FireWire video device, capture a DV stream to disk, then, play it back out to another port? Or how to load a QuickTime movie and capture a single frame as an NSImage?

Does Apple have any plans to "Cocoa-ize" the older frameworks/Toolbox. I've looked at the QuickTime API and it's not very easy to figure it out. The language is all very foreign and complicated from a Cocoa/objective-c perspective. Apple has done a fabulous job with Cocoa, making many things accessible to new programmers, but there's still an almost insurmountable wall between the new stuff and the old (but still very important stuff like QuickTime).