It's True! Jobs Switches to Intel: A Review of the WWDC 05 Keynote
Subject:   Intel umm..
Date:   2005-06-07 16:55:20
From:   Oyku
I keep asking myself the following questions.

1. Although I understand why Intel and not AMD from an enterprise and long term point of view, I wonder if guys at Seattle happy that they have a (theoretical) chance to hit Apple and hit hard on the same platform

2. Why would I go and buy a Pentium machine? I did not pay +xx% for the operating system only? How different will it be? Why wouldn't I settle to an AMD64 system.

3. Intel has lost market share to AMD in 64bit. What is the point in running Mac OS X on an Intel chip rather than running Linux on an AMD Opteron.

4. I'm disappointed, unhappy and I simply do not want an Intel CPU inside my mac. I wonder if they have done research on customer reaction? OR is Apple in trouble and had to settle with Intel. As Jobs said "a secret life for 5 years just in case" So this is plan B. and Apple believes they'll come over it as they did in their history twice.

5. Using a Mac for me is a preference. A mac user is not a mainstream user. Mac users feel special. So it'd have been cool to have AMD 64 and AMD Opteron rather than mainstream Pentium

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