Integrating AppleScript and Cocoa
Subject:   Adding NSAppleScriptEnabled key incorrectly
Date:   2002-02-23 10:26:29
To properly set the NSAppleScriptEnabled key you need to set it in the target, not the Info.plist in the Products folder (which is just a view of the built product).

Go to the application target and click on the 'Application Settings' tab. This will bring up UI for setting various Info.plist settings. Unfortunately, the NSAppleScriptEnabled key doesn't custom UI for it, so you'll need to switch to the 'expert' mode (click on the toggle button in the upper right) and add the key to the table.

Now when you clean, the key will be regenerated properly.

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  1. tried what you said
    2002-02-26 17:34:01  psheldon [View]

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