It's True! Jobs Switches to Intel: A Review of the WWDC 05 Keynote
Subject:   Unequal Partners
Date:   2005-06-08 12:10:43
From:   Demarcnt1
Response to: Unequal Partners

I fully agree with "mpmcdonald". This is a sad day for "innovation" and "free markets" (to the degree they exisit). Intel's already-monopoly status guarantees that Apple will be forced to ask "how high?" Does anyone here remember the "anti-trust" lawsuits against MS and Intel??? There are good reasons for them being brought to court. While I do not suggest that Apple should rely soley on the IBM architecure, why Intel? Besides the move to make the computer industry adopt the CheezWhiz philosophy, doesn't anyone have any conerns about Intel security "flaws" now applying to the Mac world? I do. Perhaps, Homeland Security is the motivation....full circle back to 1984. That's "progress"?