Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X, Part 4
Subject:   Blocked Port 80
Date:   2002-02-24 09:49:00
From:   adamsdv
Response to: Blocked Port 80

Well, now that looks like a problem. If your router connects a WAN with a public IP address to your LAN (even if the LAN is only the router and your computer) there are two addresses the WAN side and the LAN side. Many routers connect on the WAN side to your ISP. This connection may have either a static IP assignment, or a DHCP'ed one. On the LAN side, most routers will act as a DHCP server to assign private IP addresses to machines on the LAN, it will also act as a gateway to the WAN and do some network address/port translation. On the WAN side you may be able to get your ISP to assign you a static IP, or add a DNS entry for you. On the LAN side, you can usually disable or bypass DHCP. From here the number of combinations can get overwhelming if I try to explain each of them. If you can tell me a few things, like what type of ISP service you have (is it DSL, Cable Modem etc), what is the IP number fo your computer and what's the configuration (is it set to "using DHCP", "manually using DHCP Router" etc) and anything else you know about your router, maybe I can help sort it out.

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