Microsoft Plans Shared Source .NET
Subject:   Why MS Prefers The BSD License
Date:   2002-02-24 11:05:39
From:   eldridgelinux
Why? Because BSD can be hijacked and resold, that's why. Where do you think the Win95 TCP/IP implementation came from, or Kerberos, huh? GPL can not be stopped. It is intangible in respect to Microsoft elimination techniques and can not be hijacked, stolen, vanquished, resold, bought out or otherwise raped. (And I mean that last part in a legitimate sense, of course.) In a nutshell, MS is DOOMED, DOOMED, DOOMED, doomed to an extinction they can not resist. Break out the lawn chairs and the caffeinated beverages, because the next five years will be the most spectacularly vindicative and relished years you will ever know! Thanks, MS!