Let's Build Another Dashboard Widget
Subject:   use FireFox!
Date:   2005-06-09 04:20:49
From:   sinterklaas
Really, I've been putting some widgets together, and FireFox saved me time and again. Whereas the Safari JS Console often just says: 'syntax error, line:0' (if it doesn't fail silently), FireFox mostly points to the exact place in your code where trouble occurs.

The problem with this strategy is that JS in FireFox supports much more JavaScript features than Safari does, so sometimes you are tempted to use a feature that Safari doesn't know about. (const, Image (?), you name it). Still, I can't imagine Dashboard development without FireFox.

One last thing: I can't find a feature list of Safari / WebKit JavaScript. Someone must know what is, and what isn't supported. All I have been able to find is: "It's ECMA sript + some features from JavaScript 1.5". That isn't nearly enough information.