An Introduction to Open Source Geospatial Tools
Subject:   Some more projects from the Java Geo world
Date:   2005-06-12 13:03:34
From:   cholmez
Just thought I'd throw in a few more options from the Java Geo world. There is a lot of work centered around GeoTools, which will do conversion, manipulation, and visualization, with a wide variety of formats. It forms the basis of uDig, and GeoServer, which are roughly the java equivalents of QGIS and MapServer, though hopefully with enough different focus that they aren't just replicating work. uDig is focused on WFS and WMS connectivity, and GeoServer on incredible ease of use with installers, a built in web server, and web based gui for configuration. It also supports web based transactions using the WFS-T protocol. Also should mention GeoNetwork. Doesn't fit into any of the categories, but it is a Catalog application, enabling the searching, sharing, and editing of metadata, which will become increasingly important as more map data is available online. Their version 2.0 is looking to be quite nice.