It's True! Jobs Switches to Intel: A Review of the WWDC 05 Keynote
Subject:   Switching is a loser's game
Date:   2005-06-12 23:19:39
From:   Afantee
I am all for embracing x86, but Switching is a loser's game for our platform.

With a tiny 2 to 3% market share, Apple really can't afford to piss off anyone, particularly not the highly devoted PPC / AltiVec community. Is Apple concerned about the Osborne effect destroying Mac sale for the next 2 years?

Mac OS X is cross platform by design, which is a huge advantage. It doesn't make any sense to dump PPC and completely switch to Intel, particularly when x86 Macs are not ready for another year or two. Why not support both and keep everyone happy?

Apple had been pushing G5 and AltiVec up till last week. Now everything is upside down, and the legacy ridden x86 technology has suddenly risen from the ashes and become the future of Mac. Does Apple want to be taken seriously ever? I bet millions of PC bigots are laughing their heads off right now.