Porting a Project from Visual Studio .NET to Mono
Subject:   Try a more modern version...
Date:   2005-06-14 00:17:06
From:   schwuk
I know you were using the version most easily available to you, but I'd fully recommend trying a more modern version of Mono. The project maintainers themselves recommend the use of the 1.1 development branch over the 1.0 stable branch as this is now where all effort is concentrated.

With 1.1 you'll also get the new Managed.Windows.Forms namespace which is implementing System.Windows.Forms in 100% managed code.

There are .debs available for Debian Unstable, but there are also the Mono bundles (available from the Mono website) and Mono is incredibly easy to compile yourself - there are bunch of guides out there to help (I wrote one for Ubuntu).

So...interesting article, but shamefully out-of-date.

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    2005-06-14 14:18:58  Kevin Farnham | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

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