Top Ten Data Crunching Tips and Tricks
Subject:   Data crunching? Crunching? Naw...
Date:   2005-06-16 06:02:14
From:   ScarletKnight
... I'm a former mainframe programmer. You don't crunch anything close to data here. Those tips are definitely less than useful. Simple SQL tips for data crunching? Give me a break. I thought I was going to read about how to optimize your transforms for speed without losing maintainability, or even some references to offload techniques to stay out of the database when it doesn't make sense, i.e. knowing the limits of set-oriented transforms versus proecedural ones.

Thumbs down.

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  1. Data crunching? Crunching? Naw...
    2005-06-22 05:46:02  GregWilson [View]

  2. Data crunching? Crunching? Naw...
    2005-06-19 23:33:36  alcabon [View]

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