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Subject:   whee...a browser emulator run in flash
Date:   2005-06-19 05:55:27
From:   roberthanson1
Response to: whee...a browser emulator run in flash

Not to be argumentative, but...

1. It runs slow as molasses in winter

Which part, on the server side or client side? Server side it seems to run like a JSP app, the first hit is slow while it compiles it. I set up the server on a very old machine with little memory, and had no issues at all after the first hit. I had no issues on the client side either.

2. It requires you to learn its own markup language, which encourages a mixture of style, structure and logic

It mixes them no more than HTML does. If you do it right, it can be done very cleanly.

3. I hate getting tied to a plugin when I don't need it

If you don't need it, then why would you use it? I wouldn't use Laszlo, or any other technology, without a good reason. To me Laszlo is to flash as JSP is to servlets. There is a time to use JSP, and a time to use servlets instead.

4. This seems to try to side-step all standards web developers fight for

Looking at my server logs, flash IS a standard. Because one company controls it I can be assured that my flash app will run cross platform and on different browsers. I would use Flash over DHTML any day because it is more reliable.

5. Now that we have AJAX-centric toolkits... do we really need something that depends on a closed-source plugin

Does it seriously matter? Flash is a compiler and interpreter, just like Java... and I don't see anyone complaining about the Java VM being closed. Ajax and flash are also very different animals, I can think of many situations where one of those would be helpful, but not the other.

The bottom line is that there is a right tool for every job, and maybe at some point Laszlo will be the tool I need. The key for me is that it is like XUL but is delivered as flash, which is currently what my users support.