Syncing iTunes
Subject:   Great idea, one problem
Date:   2005-06-20 13:28:59
From:   chixulub
Response to: Great idea, one problem

Hm. Good question :).

The following is line # 434 in (where the exception is thrown):

t.setSize(new Integer((String) track.get("Size")).intValue());

So we're coming across a song that doesn't have its "Size" attribute specified (is it an internet radio stream?). This can be fixed by changing the line to:

if (track.containsKey("Kind")) {
t.setSize(new Integer((String) track.get("Size")).intValue());

If you have any problems let me know; I'll see if we can't put up a new zip file for downloading to prevent this from happening in the future. Sorry about the mixup!

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  1. Great idea, one problem
    2005-06-21 18:14:43  Jim_Richvalsky [View]

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