Newbies Find Help in O'Reilly's Latest Apache Book
Subject:   Debian configuration
Date:   2005-06-21 11:33:39
From:   displaced
Your book is quite informative and I'm impressed with the amount of information given. Unfortunately, I use Debian primarily for it's stability and this is the version that I'm most familiar with.
This is where the problem comes in, In your book you suggest deleting/copying the basic apache config file httpd.conf and rewriting it from scratch. this would allow you to add only the things that you would like to use in your web server configuration. The way that Apache is setup on Debian makes this idea a dangerous proposition being as httpd is actually a blank file and they have created an apache2.conf file that takes it's place. This file uses includes to create the site info and they have also created several tools to make apache2 "easier" to work with. Unfortunately being as I'm new at this and can't find any information on these tools except a reference in the README to them. This makes it difficult at best to do this. Is there anyway that you could look at this setup and do a supplimental to the book describing what these tools are and what they do?