Live Backups of MySQL Using Replication
Subject:   What about when disaster strikes?
Date:   2005-06-22 04:20:42
From:   tknaps
This was generally a good read, but as with many articles on backup I miss the really important part: if your database goes corrupt and you need to restore a backup from the replicating server over to the master server - what then?

For instance there will undoubtly be a log of SQL statements since the last backup that have executed and eventually lead to corruption. Most of these statements are probably valid up to the one that caused corruption (if it wasn't hardware failure). Some questions that arise:

- After restoring the backed up database on the master server, can you execute a certain amount of these statements to try to determine which one caused the corruption?

- And can you then run the logged statements up to that point to minimize data loss?

- After doing that, how do you remove the statements that caused corruption and get the replicating slave back up and running properly?

I think for an article like this to be really usefull you need to provide the reader with information on how to do recovery and optionally/preferably a method for testing that your backups are sane (a step by step test-recovery of your databases for instance).

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