Audio/Video Conferencing with iChat AV
Subject:   Ichat av for mac mini
Date:   2005-06-25 22:35:33
From:   ibanez_guy45167
ok, i just got a new mac mini, a small upgrade from pc i know. I just want to fiddle with mac a little bit (i hate bill gates) It seems like the apple corporation likes to milk money out of you every way it can so i figure this isnt free. But...... Im not sure so im asking. IS THIS VIDEO CONFRENCING FREE???? Because if it is... oh yes.... ohhhh yessss.... Even a small fee would be ok. I just dont wanna pony out the dough for a isight until i know. I just ordered my mac mini today so i was wondering if i should order this isight asap... Thanks Alot guys!

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  1. Ichat av for mac mini
    2006-04-13 11:20:22  plugtunin [View]

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