The Changing Mac Community
Subject:   Mac vs. Win2K in the aftermath of X
Date:   2002-03-05 20:24:29
From:   r0bis
Now Mac can really take over Windows. I come from publishing environment and Mac 9.smth crashes even more frequently than Win2K (that does depend a bit on the user though :), user interface for new programs on Mac 9 - Ms Office Quark Xpress and such is NO less complicated than on Windoz. And vice versa - Adobe Photoshop on Win2K works just like on Mac. You have to know what you are doing with the program and that's all. What else is diferent? User interface, allright. The New Mac look is good. It is no coincidence that WinXP has copied it :). Take a look and be proud to belong to the Mac crowd :) Then I read some whining about file/directory restrictions that MacOSX/UNIX forces on good old Mac users. Folks, this is pathetic! Mac file system was hierarchical the same way. You could not have 2 files with same name in a folder that is it. And as a final thought the move to Unix is really a clever one, Mac can be used for myriad of tasks now, just be little patient and better get used to the interface. It is no that different. And believe it or not - ALL computers run some "ugly" code, that is not for you to understand, beneath the interface layer. I had always thought that Mac's biggest mistake so far was the attempt to hide it completely from the users. I thought Mac considered its customers to be a real dumb crowd. Now I can see it is not so and I hope you will be happy about that as well. Best wishes. Robert