The Changing Mac Community
Subject:   Possible New Mac User
Date:   2002-03-05 20:43:08
From:   derrick
An interesting letter I just received:


Thank you for your article on the changing face of the Mac community.
I speak not as a current Mac user, nor indeed as someone who has
ever even touched a Mac, but as a Linux user who wants a neat laptop.

Because all of the things that are wrong with my Dell Inspiron would
be so much better if I went and bought a Mac laptop: the power management
would be better, it would be lighter, it would be quieter, it would be built properly...

I certainly come from the geek side of things, there's no doubt about
that. I'm an alumnus of the early 80s UK computer boom, so I speak
not of Apples and Commodores but of Sinclairs and Acorns, but I like
knowing what the computer is doing, and I like the computer to behave
in a predicatable manner. The lack of transparency and predicitability is
just one of the things I intesnely dislike about Windows (even though
I work with it every day) and what I love about Linux (and Unix in
general). So Mac OS X is a big, big win for me.

Anyway, I just thought you might like to know that reading the opinions
of so many MacOS users, both those cheered and those disaffected,
has pushed me a little further towards stumping up the cash for a Mac laptop.

Keep up the good work. Who knows, I might even be able to persuade
my girlfriend to give up her Windows machine...

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  1. Possible New Mac User
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