The PBX Is Dead; Long Live VoIP
Subject:   PBX vs PC based Asterisk
Date:   2005-06-28 05:18:21
Very interesting and well written article. Briefly 2 comments from my point of view:
1) Plain old proprietary PBXs are superior to Asterisk on the, so called, 'services' side. Even a cheap 1000$ PBX can be configured for 'esoteric' services specific customers often ask (hotel room service management is an example). Asterisk gives only very basic call control capabilities: IMHO it will be a serious alternative when development will be fostered in that direction.
2) The actual cost of the Asterisk platform (PC + some cards) is higher, for smaller systems, than traditional PBX. PC HW Reliability, is another issue.

Anyway, being a PBX HW/SW developer, I take Asterisk approach very seriously and consider it as one of the most interesting solutions for near future PBX systems.


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