The Changing Mac Community
Subject:   Graphic Designer and Early Adapter and loving it.
Date:   2002-03-06 10:55:14
From:   cre8tif
Thank you for your insight to the the changing face of the Mac Community. Back when Apple was still debating on who to buy out ( BeOs or NeXT ). Everything indicated to me a least, that
the OS I knew and loved was about to change
in a radical way. As a result I started running
Apples linux dist MkLinux, eventually I moved to YDL Linux ppc. This prepared me for the
*nix based OS of the future that was being widly speculated on in the Mac press at that time. About the same time I began working as a designer for an online company. As a designer I was the sole mac user in a wintel
company. Everyday I was reminded of the limitations of Mac OS 9. I had to use a seperate app. to Telnet, FTP, edit file remotely, use windows / unix shares. Things that my wintel based co-workers could do right from the prompt.

When doing graphics work for print or the site, OS9 was as great as we all know...i.e. random freezes that would cause a reboot.

I also had to have 2 computers. One running Linuxppc for server related work, one for graphics work.

As a linux user I had to wait for upgrades to the kernel to use devices my mac would
automatically recognize or hack my system
for accellarated graphics, sound, modem, usb , etc. Just like the closed source Os'es ports to the mac based linux happen as an after thought if at all, and just as quickly become outdated if not maintained.

Finally OS X beta was released and I took to it.
Yes, it took sometime to get used to it. But I've used OSX since. I 've enjoyed finally having a
terminal to do all my server work ,and a graphics power house all in one computer.

It really is a joy to be able to force quit a mis-behaving app and not pull the whole system down. The only time I really have any hassle is when I have to run an app in the classic enviroment. Which will now become less frequent once I get PhotoShop7.

As far as linux goes, It really is great. I just prefer to not have to hack my system to do
simple tasks.

For those of you still running OS 9.x ... change when you are most comfortable. Read up on OSX. It'll be here when your ready. And it will be worth it.