The Changing Mac Community
Subject:   Bright computing future
Date:   2002-03-06 16:00:45
From:   bjelkeman
"He's so exciting I even like his misses."

Just like what I feel. The Cube is supposedly a miss. I called around 50 resellers after it was discontinued to make sure I got one with a cinema display, and boy, it is a joyful computer to use. I have always wanted "Unix with the Mac interface, BSD preferred" and one day OS X shows up. :)

There are lots of rough edges on this OS/GUI combination still, but so it was with MacOS as well. MacOS 4-6 was not perfect usability wise. I know, I still have a Mac 128 (upgraded to a plus) which works booting from floppy. Sure, it was a lot better than the pathetic Windows, but it took years for the Mac interface to become the joy to use it eventually ended up as.... except for the frequent crashes.

All the PCs (except the games machines) have been thrown out in my home and the next machine in the office will be a Mac as well. Windows 2000 is supposed to be stable, but we are having so many issues with it in the office on a daily basis (why did we upgrade from NT4 Workstation I wonder, it was my decision too, he he, oh well).

As long as the Macintosh hardware / OS / free applications are as nice as what Apple are producing at the moment there is little point in using anything else for the desktop.