The Changing Mac Community
Subject:   OS X is good for Rocket Science
Date:   2002-03-06 16:08:17
From:   eccentricanomaly
OS X is a great tool for aerospace engineering! Preliminary assesments where I work show that high-end Sun and HP workstations are only marginally faster than a high-end Mac for our tasks, even though these workstations are at least three times the price of a high-end Mac. OS X's unix core makes it easy to port our analysis code over. Finally, I can optamise spacecraft trajectories on a laptop... perhaps from the beach. And I can run Powerpoint and Word on the same platform which is a big advantage over a Linux laptop.

I've used Macs, Unix, and Windows systems for years and OS X is easier for my type of work than any of them. I have a very nice GUI with OS X, but I'm not forced to use it when the command line is more convienant (say, for large batch jobs or for numerical work).

I love little features of OS X like being able to drop an icon into the terminal window and having the OS expand the full path to the file... sweet!

I ran OS 8 before upgrading to 10.0 on my G3, and I haven't had any major problems with OS X. I run Classis apps regularly with only the occasional glitch. I think people who are having trouble switching from 8 or 9 to OS X are having problems because they are trying to force OS X to be like 9, rather than simply spending a week to get to know the new OS.

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