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Subject:   MacOS X synergy
Date:   2002-03-06 20:33:10
From:   wfolta
If you're a MacOS X skeptic, go back to the article and read the comments by the UNIX geeks who are excited about MacOS X as a programming platform. A cool platform with free (and advanced) Internet/hacker/geek/UNIX tools plus a cool graphical front end is 100% the key to the continued life of the Mac!

No programmers, no programs, dead OS. Excited programmers, free tools, cutting-edge tools and graphics, thriving platform. It's that simple.

Remember the old days of the Mac where the coolest new (graphical, audio, artistic, educational) software came out first for the Mac? Remember when there were Mac-only killer apps that never made it to the PC?

Those days were long gone with MacOS 9. You could count the number of Mac-first/Mac-only developers on one hand. Most of the remaining developers were not only Mac-second, but Mac-second-class. (Or Mac-never.) That's the way a platform dies.

So get over the worship of the Perfect Interface, change some habits, and be darn thankful that geeks like MacOS X.

(Speaking of the Perfect Interface, there are many cool products to improve Apple's interface including DragThing and SNAX. DragThing is a necessity. SNAX is a replacement for the Finder! Imagine trying to do something like that under MacOS 9.)

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