POJO Application Frameworks: Spring Vs. EJB 3.0
Subject:   A bit on the diagonal ...
Date:   2005-06-30 21:53:49
From:   MichaelYuan
Response to: A bit on the diagonal ...

Sorry if you feel that the article is biased against Spring. But actually, I did discuss Spring's advantage over EJB 3.0. For instance, it is more flexible, has generic DI and the XML config format does have advantages in some situations ...

Furthermore, I believe EJB 3.0 is greatly indebted to open source frameworks like Spring and Hibernate -- they pioneered the key concepts in EJB 3.0.

However, I also believe that EJB 3.0 learned the lessons from Spring and Hibernate so well that, in most cases, EJB 3.0 addresses what most developers need with a standard API. I guess that is cause of the perception that the article is "biased". But believe me, I did not intend to talk down upon Spring.

As for "in container testing", I do believe it is better than mocking -- if the container is lightweight and small. But obviously, this is subject to debate. :)