The Changing Mac Community
Subject:   Open Source v.s. Proprietary
Date:   2002-03-07 20:04:04
From:   gerald_shields
Response to: MacOS X synergy

Though I'm down with what you're saying, there more to it. These Mac-second developers were charging a premimum for these Mac-only applications and the Mac-never developers weren't bothering with Classic Mac OS because it either didn't or partially support modern OS features. With Mac OS X, those developers now have to deal with an array of open source software that was primary on Linux and BSD. Moveover, some Mac-never developers are now considering, developing or shipping Mac versions of their applications. That's great for users and consumers in the long run. Now, long time Mac developer must justify the cost of their applications versus open source alternatives, some of them having the same or better quality. For an example, Blue World Communications, Inc which developed a popular Mac program called Lasso,published of 56 page white paper report comparing Blue World Lasso Professional 5 to PHP 4.1.x.